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Children Law


We are specialised in the following matters in Children Law Proceedings:

  • Child Arrangement-We can apply or respond to child arrangements orders regarding where your child or children should live and who should be the main care


  • Specific issue orders - We can assist you in relation to schooling, change of name or other important decision relating to the child


  • Prohibited Steps Orders- We can apply to court on your behalf if  you believe that  the Respondent will take your child or children away from you out of the country


  • Recovery Orders / Specific steps Orders- We can apply to court on your behalf if the child has been unlawfully removed from your care.


  • Care Proceedings-Court Proceedings issued by the Children's Services department of the Local Authority where an application is made for a “Care Order” or “Supervision Order” in respect of a child



We can provide free advice and representation under the Legal Aid scheme. If you are not eligible for Legal Aid at court, we also offer competitive private rates.

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